My 1962 Chevy II Nova, progress page!

The car, good from far but far from good. 1962 Chevy II, Nova 400, 2 dr hardtop. California car bought from a guy in Seattle
Interior dash. These pics are of the good looking parts. Interior rear seat
Swapped out the four lug rear end and front spindles for a five lug setup. Here's the chevy 10 bolt diff
Got Cragar wheels off eBay The engine is a 194 Pretty ugly. V8 swap is in order.
Apart from dents and badly repaired passenger quarter the body is awesome.
No rust except small holes in floor pan.
Friend helping to weld up hundreds of slide hammer holes from badly repaired body damage. This had a ton of bondo over the cheese grater repair job.
These are the welded holes from the slide hammer screws. Probably fixed in the seventies. Welds took forever to grind down.
Car had to be primered for the winter storage so I masked it up... ...and set up a make shift paint booth in buddy's garage.
Here's me spraying the epoxy primer. Yes it's green, because that's the good stuff.
Green primer look is bad ass! The Grinch mobile at end of 2005! The car sat for the winter months.
Surfacing done by a guy in Maple Ridge and me.  
Here's some trim parts that I'm stripping and sanding and polishing. Here's an after shot of some fender pieces. Nice and shiny.
Body is now being sanded to level it all out.  
The passenger quarter is nearly fixed. Lookin pretty straight.
Bodywork is pretty much finished Primer needs to be wet sanded
Wet sanding the interior for fun  
Dash primed Dash painted 62 chevy Roman Red
Painted interior Ready to come back to Vancouver
Tow back to Van from Maple Ridge Inners were painted first. Door jams, under hood and trunk etc.
Tow back from Paint After a week or so of assembly...needs windshield and rear window installed.
On the road again. The silver with red looks awesome.
October 2006 October 2006 before storage for winter
Reupholstered all the seats in the winter. New foam and covers. This is the driver
seat before...
...this is after.
Just need to put in the headliner and carpet and the interior will be done. More pics to come...finished interior....building small block!